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SOKANO【Caterpillar Design】Kid Wooden Rocking Chair Baby Rocking Bouncer Rocker Chair Balancing Training - TKB-29

  • Ideal for keeping your baby happy and safe whilst your hands are free to get on with everyday tasks
  • Proper head and back support
  • Can be turned into a rocking children’s chair
  • round forms and a supportive design , create an extra cozy feeling for your baby
  • The ergonomic shape gives your baby the proper support they need from birth

SOKANO Wooden Doctor Toy Set Medical Dentist Role Play Simulation Mainan Doctor - TKB-27

  • Great Material & Safety : Our wooden toy meets safety standards. Each piece is painted with non-toxic paint and made from nature wood, smooth edge is safe for children 3 years old and above, promotes imagination & thinking skills.
  • Including a variety of medical accessories
  • High Quality & Realistic The realistic accessories make your children can role play like a real doctor or dentist.
  • Role Play can encourage child's interests in a subject. 
  • Fun Educational Toy - A perfect gift for kids. This medical kit toys is recommended for kids age 3 years and up. Perfect for party, pretend play, role play, school classroom, holiday toy gifts, Christmas gifts and more.

SOKANO【Rabbit Design】Princess Make Up Table Dressing Table Pretend Playset with full set toys - TKB-26

Product Details

  • An exquisite gift for your kids that will become great childhood memories for you kid
  • Perfect and high quality toys for kids
  • Improve creativity and imagination skills
  • Pretend Playset help kids in looking for their interest
  • Made out of kid safe durable materials 

SOKANO【Deluxe Set】Korean design Kitchen Toys Pretend Play Kids Kitchen Wooden Cabinet Toys Kitchen Sate Toys - TKB-23 Product Details

Do your kids love playing pretend as cooks and chefs? While real kitchen is dangerous for kids to play, they can still exercise their creative muscles and explore their limitless imaginations with the Mini Kitchen Fun Playset With Full Utensils Set! Let your children experience realistic Kitchen Workings today!


Product Specification

  • Brand New And High Quality Wood Kitchen Toy
  • Durable Wooden Material Construction
  • Realistic Sink, Stove, Water Tap, Oven
  • Doors Open And Close For A Real-Life Feel with magnetic lock
  • Knobs Twist And produce Beep
  • Convenient Storage Space Below The Sink
  • Helps Your Children To Develop Imitative, Imaginary Play, Role Play And Creativity

Travel Star TNL004 20 inch Hard Case Luggage Bagasi

Features :

  • 20 inch cabin size luggage, convenient to bring along

  • Come with 360 degree rotatable double wheels

  • Come with 3 digit password lock

  • Multiple practical zipped compartment for easy arrangement

  • Aluminum retractable handle for handling convenience

  • Made from premium ABS, hard case, waterproof and durable

  • Light-weighted

  • High Quality

  • Hard Case


Specification :

20 inch Luggage

6 Color Available : Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Light Purple, Light Blue, Pink

Packaging Dimension: L 38 cm X W 26cm X H 58cm



Design 1 - Chest Drawer with Glass Display Top

  • Material : solid particle board
  • Design : Glass Top
  • Smooth running drawers with pull-out stop
  • Top drawer is multi-storage partition
  • 4 drawer with large storage space
  • Design 1 79cm(W) x 39cm(D) x 106cm(H) 


Design 2 - Chest Drawer with Open Mirror

  • Material : solid particle board
  • Design : Smooth running drawers with pull-out stop
  • Open mirror with multi-storage partition
  • 4 drawer with large storage space
  • High-quality product with the export standard
  • Design 2 79cm(W) x 40cm(D) x 99cm(H)

Travel Star TNL006 Elegant Hard Case Luggage Set Suitcase Set Bagasi (20 inch + 24 inch)


Product Specification:

  • Available in Rose Gold, Silver, Dark Grey, Blue, Black
  • 20 + 24 inch luggage set , convenient to bring along
  • Ultralight weight and come with 360 degree rotatable double wheels
  • Multiple practical zipped compartment for easy arrangement
  • Aluminium retractable handle for handling convenience
  • Made from premium ABS plus PC to give maximum durability
  • 3 digits password lock
  • Zipped compartment in the spacious interior space
  • 20 inches: 50cm x 34cm x 23cm
  • 24 inches: 60cm x 41cm x 26cm



SOKANO Home Prime HP065 Stylish Bar Table Set (1 TABLE + 2 BAR STOOLS) Dining Table Kitchen Bar Furniture Dining Room Meja Makan Tinggi Dengan Kerusi Perabot Rumah



  • Available in 3 Designs
  • Suitable for all families and All occasions
  • Stylish, convenient
  • Rectangular
  • Wood based



  • Table - 120cm x 40cm x 100cm
  • Chair - 70cm tall

Travel Star TNL007 Elegant Macaron Pastel Luggage Set Suitcase Set Bagasi (20 inch)


Product Specification:

• Available colors: Rose Gold, Green, Blue, Light Pink, Black, Dark Grey

• Ultralight weight and come with 360 degree rotatable double wheels

• Multiple practical zipped compartment for easy arrangement

• Aluminium retractable handle for handling convenience

• Made from premium ABS plus PC to give maximum durability

• 3 digits password lock

• Zipped compartment in the spacious interior space

• 20 inches: 56(H) x 22(W) x 35(L)cm

- please allow for slight color difference due to lighting


Travel Star TNL005 Hard Case Luggage Set 20+24+28 inches

  • Available in Maroon, Pink, Rose Gold, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Silver, Black, Light Blue
  • Material ABS
  • 3 in1 set: 20 inches for cabin size luggage and 24 inches and 28 inches for checked in luggage
  • Waterproof hard case yet durable
  • Retractable handle for smooth maneuverability
  • 360 Degree rotatable ultra silent double wheels
  • 3 digits password lock
  • Zipped compartment in the spacious interior space
  • 20" (38cm x 22cm x56cm)
  • 24"(44cm x 26cm x 66cm)
  • 28"(50cm x 30cm x 76cm)



Travel Star TNL008 Elegant Hard Case Luggage Set Suitcase Set Bagasi (20Inch)


Product Specification:

• Available in Black & Silver

• Ultralight weight and come with 360 degree rotatable double wheels

• Multiple practical zipped compartment for easy arrangement

• Aluminium retractable handle for handling convenience

• Made from premium ABS plus PC to give maximum durability

• 3 digits password lock

• Zipped compartment in the spacious interior space

• 20 inches: 56(H) x 22(W) x 38(L)cm



Travel Star TNL003 Elegant Hard Case Luggage Set Suitcase Set Bagasi (24 or 26 inch)


Product Specification:

• Available in 24inch or 26inch

• Ultralight weight and come with 360 degree rotatable double wheels

• Multiple practical zipped compartment for easy arrangement

• Aluminium retractable handle for handling convenience

• Made from premium ABS plus PC to give maximum durability

• 3 digits password lock

• Zipped compartment in the spacious interior space

• 24 inches: 66(H) x 24(W) x 44(L)cm

• 26 inches: 72(H) x 28(W) x 46(L)cm



Travel Star TNL009 Elegant Hard Case Luggage Set Suitcase Set Bagasi (20 inch + 24 inch)


Product Specification:

  • Available in Rose Gold and Black.
  • 20 + 24 inch luggage set , convenient to bring along
  • Ultralight weight and come with 360 degree rotatable double wheels
  • Multiple practical zipped compartment for easy arrangement
  • Aluminium retractable handle for handling convenience
  • Made from premium ABS plus PC to give maximum durability
  • 3 digits password lock
  • Zipped compartment in the spacious interior space
  • 20 inches: 56cm x 35cm x 22cm
  • 24 inches: 66cm x 43cm x 25cm

Product Details Of SOKANO TKB-25 Japanese design Kitchen Toys Pretend Play Kids Kitchen Wooden Cabinet Toy Permainan Masak-masak Kanak-kanak

Descriptions :

  1. (Wood Kitchen Play Toy) Wood kitchen play toy is perfect for your kids to pretend to cook for the family. It provides role-play fun for hours for your young chefs.

  2. (Realist Details) This kid-sized kitchen has all the essentials including a stove, sink, microwave, storage and etc. It also has to work with magnetic doors, knobs, and other gadgets -- such as the switch of the tap. This lovely kitchen is set up for plenty of imaginative make-believe play.

  3. (Last Long Using) Made with long-lasting materials that are built to endure hours of rugged playtime with kids. The set is finished with non-toxic paint, which features no harmful odor so that your baby can play with it freely.

Features & Specifications :

  • Durable Wooden Material Construction

  • Realistic Sink, Stove, Water Tap, Microwave

  • Doors Open And Close For A Real-Life Feel  with magnetic lock

  • Knobs Twist And produce a Beep

  • Convenient Storage Space Below The Sink

  • Helps Your Children To Develop Imitative, Imaginary Play, Role Play, And Creativity

  • Dimension: 68cm(L) x 26cm(W) x 72cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO Twisting Waist Split Plate GB006 Split Massage Twisting Waist Turntable Keep Fit Exercise Fat-Slimming Thin Household Weight Loss Handy Tool Sports Fitness Equipment Weight

Features :

  • Reduce fat on the waist and abdomen

  • Shape a beautiful leg

  • Tighten Butt

  • Massage Foot

  • Wider and larger surface, added with feet massage particles, soft and ergonomic design.

  • Close fitting your feet, great effect for foot bottom massage.

  • Reduce motion resistance and smooth sports movement.

  • Safe base and anti-slip, free twisting your waist.

  • For exercise, waist training.


Specifications :

  • Separate design

  • Enlarge the feet pad

  • Multi-ball structure

  • Increase non-slip mat

  • Strong load-bearing capacity

  • Massage point design

  • Material: Plastics

  • Color: Pink/Purple

  • Dimension: 29.5cm(L) x 21cm(W)

  • Fitness Effect: Waist slimming, Waist shaping.


Product Details Of SOKANO T042 (24 Inch) Fish Board Retro Cruiser Surfboard Plastic Skateboard with 4 Wheels 4 Tayar Papan Luncur Kanak-Kanak Papan Luncur

Descriptions :

  • This  Fish Board Retro Cruiser Surfboard Body Deck is made by Quality ABS Board. The Iron brackets provide stability when riding. It is lightweight & convenient to carry around. Children are encouraged to learn balancing & responsive skills through skateboarding at a younger age.

  • You can enjoy your skateboarding session anytime, anywhere.


Features & Specifications :

  • Recommended for 5yrs & above

  • Flashing 4 Wheels

  • Non-Slip Design Surface

  • Promote Active & Healthy Lifestyle

  • Good for Skill developing

  • Easy Storage & Convenience to carry around

  • Suitable for many occasions: Home, indoor, outdoor, Travel &, etc…

  • Surfboard Dimension : 59cm(L) x 16.5cm(W) x 12cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO T041 (3 in 1) Ride on Toy Playground Children Rocking Horse Slide For Kids & Detachable Chair Set Kanak-kanak Permainan

*Recommended for kids aged from 1-6 years old, with adult care.

Features & Specifications :

  • Slide mode for Stamina Training

  • Rocking horse for Balancing Training

  • Basket shooting for Hand Eye Coordination Training

  • Easy installation, special wrench included, no extra tools needed.

  • Material: Environmental Protection Polyethylene


Safety Features :

  • Multiple safety screw nuts reinforcement

  • Big distance between steps while climbing, safe for kids

  • Bear paw design handle provides stability and safety while climbing

  • Round edge design, ensure kids' safety 

*NOTE: Cushion pad is not included*


Product Details Of SOKANO T040 Premium Stainless Steel Scooter Foldable and Adjustable Skuter Kanak-kanak

Riding kid's scooters are a fantastic way for you to exercise your children’s small bodies. Rather than just chilling out watching various cartoons, your children will be involved in physical activities more regularly by playing with kids' scooters. It also enhances their concentration and focuses while using kids' scooters.

Features & Specifications :

  • Elastic PU Wheels - Smooth / Durable

  • Widening Board - Efficient / Increase Safety

  • High-Quality Bearing - Low Noise / Smooth

  • Foot control braking

  • Foldable and easy to store

  • Dimension (cm) : 78cm(L) x 102cm(H)-(adjustable)

  • Color: White & Black 


Steps To Install :

  1. Open the lock.

  2. Press the board, pull the buckle, and open the scooter.

  3. Tighten the lock.

  4. Install the handrail, and start your journey.


Product Details Of SOKANO HA430 Portable Baby Nest Bed with Pillow Full Cotton Portable Travel Bed

Features & Specifications :

  • Hypoallergenic materials, Breathable

  • Used 100-percent Cotton, Muslin fabric, breathable and a hypoallergenic internal filler

  • This is safe for the baby's sensitive skin

  • It will give your child serene, safe, and sound sleep in their lovely co-sleeping crib

  • Use the infant lounger as a bassinet for a bed, side sleeper, travel bed, newborn pillow

  • Can move the portable bed around the house for lounging or tummy time, making baby feel more secure and cozy

  • The lightweight design and easy-to-use package with handle for portable and storage

  • The bedding offers high-quality environmental, natural, healthy, cozy bedding products for kids and adults, the ones who care and improve the quality of life

  • Suitable for 0 Month - 2 Years baby

  • Dimension : 88cm(L) x 53cm(W)


Product Details Of SOKANO LEDA010 DC 12V 2835 LED Neon Lights Under Cabinet Light Waterproof Led Strip Light Night Lamp for Closet Wardrobe Cupboard Backlight Home Lighting 1/3/5/10M Lampu Hiasan Lampu LED Hiasan

220V high voltage silicone LED strip lights rope, flexible lamp belt features heat-resistant, waterproof, corrosion, weather resistant and has prominent anti-UV ability than traditional PVC jacket, ensures your security also make this led light strip works longer.

Features :

  • Upgraded LEDs and side-brightness design make waterproof neon light strips shine brighter than others, and 120 degrees projection range offers large illumination coverage.

  • Cuttable neon rope lights, 1 meter per cut, please buy extra silicone glue to stick our lights on anywhere you like, 360 degrees bendable, you could cut to DIY special residential decoration/design unique commercial sign.

  • Using premium 2835 chips, 120LEDs/M, brighter and more efficient. Our dot-free LED neon light fixtures, evenly luminous, are great for advertising signs, letter signs, display signage, outlines, table/desk/bed/car/wall decoration, and more, fit for indoor/outdoor/all year round.

Specifications :

  • Input Voltage: AC 220V

  • LED Type: SMD 2835

  • LED Quantity: 120LEDs/M

  • Power: 12W/M

  • Waterproof Rate: IP65

  • Beam Angle: 120°

  • Cutting Unit Length: About 1Meter(Only can cut at Middle of Black mark)

  • Strip Length: About 1m/3m/5m/10m

Note: Adaptor need buy separately


Product Details Of SOKANO DSG0042 TV Cabinet Marble Strap Top Scandinavian Mediterranean Style FurnitureTV Shelf TV Console Interior Design Furniture Living Room Rak TV Almari TV Perabot Rumah

Features & Specifications :

  • Multi-functional can be used as a TV cabinet

  • TV Cabinet with 1 Drawer, 2 Storage Doors

  • Material: Wood-Based Panel

  • Type of Artificial Board: Density Board/Fibreboard

  • Furniture Structure: Framework Structure

  • Self-assembly required ( we will provide the assembly instruction)

  • Colour: White or Grey Marble


Size :

  • 140CM TV CABINET : 140cm(L) x 30cm(W) x 41cm(H)

  • 160CM TV CABINET : 160cm(L) x 30cm(W) x 41cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO HP069 Minimalist Design Hexagon 2 Way Coffee Table Wooden Coffee Table House Deco Furniture Sofa Side Table Side Table Living Room Interior Design Furniture Meja Kopi Perabot Rumah

Features & Specifications :

  • Simple and comfortable home, free your freedom.

  • The shape is beautiful, the wood grain is compact, the density is high, and it is not easy to deform.

  • The surface of the coffee table is smooth, beautiful in appearance, durable in performance, and environmentally friendly.

  • The stylish design is perfectly compatible with any decoration in your room and is perfectly combined with other furniture accessories.

  • It can also be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Convenient and versatile

  • Small size, space-saving, and lightweight design

  • Easy to move and carry, this coffee table can be used as a reading table for tables, coffee tables, homes, offices, and schools.

  • Big Size : 60cm(L) x 60cm(W) x 33cm(H)

  • Small Size : 48cm(L) x 48cm(W) x 43cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO HP064 Upper Bunk Bed Frame Double Decker Bed Frame with Ladder Steel Bed Frame High Quality Heavy Duty Extra Thick Steel Besi Katil Tidur Mulltilevel (Furniture at Ground Level is For Display Purpose, Not Included)

Features & Specifications :

  • Complete solution for your small room.

  • Safety rails on the top bunk for added safety

  • Secured ladder

  • Some assembly required

  • Single bed frame

  • Strong Metal Construction

  • Material: High Endurance Steel + Powder Coat Surface

  • Design 1 Size: 255.5cm(L) x 90cm(W) x 199.5cm(H)

  • Design 2 Size: 198cm(L) x 90cm(W) x 199cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO SO027 (4/8 Layer) Cloth Hanger Wardrobe Organizer for Bra, Inner Wear, Tudung, Scarf, Singlet Pengantung Baju Almari Pakaian Dalam, Tudung, Baju Almari

Features :

  • Efficient use of vertical space for layered storage at a glance.

  • Slings, underwear, scarves, Tank Tops camisoles, and other clothes can be easily stored.

  • Men's ties and belts can be stored at the same time.

  • Foldable and placed, Space-saving when we don't need it.


Specifications :

  • Material: high manganese steel + PVC

  • Size: unfolded 33*31cm folded after 31cm*10.5cm

  • Size: unfolded 53*31cm folded after 31cm*21.5cm


Product Details Of SOKANO IL004 Hanging Neck Fans Portable Neck Fan Bladeless Fan USB Rechargeable Mini Mute Sport Fan Cooling Fan For Child Outdoor Ventilador Abanicos Cooling Kipas

Features :

Portable Neck Mini Fan lets you be hands-free and you needn't hold it with your hands, thanks to its lightweight and mini design, you won't feel uncomfortable or tied when you hang the fan for a long time.

The portable fan has two wind heads and can feel more powerful airflow.

Hand Free Personal Fan has Low/Medium/High 3 speed level. Adjust appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button, powerful airflow can the fast and easy access to instant relief from hot flashes.

No extra batteries are required. The fan comes with an 1800 mAh rechargeable battery, with a USB charging cable, for all 5V output USB devices. UP TO 6 hours of working time depends on different speeds.


Specifications :

  • Power (W) : 110w

  • Voltage (V) : 3.7V

  • Max. Power: <20W

  • Material: Plastic


Product Details Of SOKANO HP067 Hostel Wardrobe with 2 Locks (Follow Labour Law) Small Room Wardrobe Air BnB Wardrobe Hotel Wardrobe Company Locker Wardrobe Foreign Worker Furniture Hostel Air BnB Almari Asrama Berkunci Almari Pekerja Perabot


  • Follow Labour Law Requirement: Almari tidak kurang daripada 0.35 Meter Panjang, 0.35 Meter Lebar, dan 0.9 meter tinggi untuk penyimpanan selamat barang berharga pekerja\

  • This wardrobe is suitable for 2 workers and has 2 locks separately.


Features & Specifications :

  • Particle Board

  • Heavy Duty Hinges

  • Swing Door Design For Easy Access (With Key Lock)

  • Strong Handles

  • With Clothing Rod for easy Clothing Storage

  • Multicompartment convenient storing

  • Dimension : 70.6cm(L) x 41cm(W) x 110cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO OR017 (76cm/76cm to 96cm Extendable) Minimalist Design Towel Hanger Cloth Hanger Cloth Bar Besi Gantung Baju Penyidai Pakaian (Free Screws and Wall Plugs)

Can be used anywhere in your home, even in damp areas like the bathroom and under-covered balconies. The width can be adjusted to suit your needs. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home.

Features :

  • Select high-quality materials, sturdy and durable.

  • The width 76-96cm can be adjusted according to storage needs

  • Strong load-bearing capacity, the maximum load-bearing capacity is 15kg

  • There are many applicable scenarios, which can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, and other places.

  • Materials: Steel (polyester powder coating)

  • Free screws


Product Details Of SOKANO HP066 Shoe Cabinet With 4 Door Large Size Shoe Cabinet Shoe Rack Wooden Shoe Cabinet Shoe Organizer Furniture Kabinet Kasut Almari Kasut Perabot Murah Rumah

Suitable to place at any corner of living room/corridor

Features & Specifications :

  • Strong stability

  • Good quality

  • Easy to install

  • Simple modern design

  • Big capacity for storage

  • Spacious and convenient

  • High-density foam for long-lasting usage

  • Material: Solid Particle Board

  • Self-assembly is required

  • Multi storage function


Product Dimension: 

  • 127cm : 60cm(L) x 32cm(W) x 127cm(H)

  • 160cm : 60cm(L) x 32cm(W) x 160cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO KR066 Extendable Kitchen Rack Rak Dapur Microwave Oven Rack Kitchen Organizer Accessories Expandable Carbon Steel Microwave Shelf Kitchen Counter Shelf

The extendable Kitchen Rack is thick and heavy, with a high load-bearing capacity and matte painted texture. The retractable design can easily be adjusted to suit different sizes of microwave ovens. It can effectively organize utensils and tidy up your kitchen.

Features & Specifications :

  • Material: Carbon Steel + Iron

  • Color: Black

  • Available Size: 3/4/5 tier

Dimension :

  • 3 Tiers (25-38cm) : 25-38cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 81cm(H)

  • 3 Tiers (42-63cm) : 42-63cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 81cm(H)

  • 4 Tiers (25-38cm) : 25-38cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 121cm(H)

  • 4 Tiers (42-63cm) : 42-63cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 121cm(H)

  • 5 Tiers (25-38cm) : 25-38cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 151cm(H)

  • 5 Tiers (42-63cm) : 42-63cm(L) x 33cm(W) x 151cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO CJ0024 Sintered Stone Dining Table (140 x 80cm/120 x 70cm) Antiscratch Heat Resistant Water Resistant Marble Dining Table Furniture Dining Hall Perabot Meja Makan Batu

Features :

The tabletop is made of imitation marble solid wood board Material used solid iron is durable and rust-resistant. Able to withstand heavy loads.

Specifications :

  • Simple and fashion design

  • Spacious desktop

  • Comfortable to the touch

  • Smooth surface

  • Waterproof surface

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to install

  • Good quality

  • Strong stability

  • Round edge design

Dimension :

  • 120cm(L) x 70cm(W) x 75cm(H)

  • 140cm(L) x 80cm(W) x 75cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO BM008 Rubik's Cube Puzzle Emoji Magic Change Building Block Kid Expression Match Rubik Change Puzzle Child games Funny Face Expression Logical Thinking Intellectual Training

Features :

  • Face-changing and block games, the great challenge of eyesight & thinking, improve children's hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and active brain function.

  • 16 wooden blocks with expressions and 64 pieces of challenging face cards stimulate children's interest in games. An interesting interaction for parent and child; Also suitable for 1-4 players. Play and learn in competitions.

Package :

  • 64 x Challenge card (each color 16 cards)

  • 16 x wooden blocks ( each color 4 blocks)

How to play :

  1. Shuffle all the cards and choose one face card at one time.

  2. Each player chooses one color of blocks (4 colors total)

  3. Pick up 1 card to start, players should put the cubes together and make their facial expressions exactly as the card face, the fastest player win.

* Noted: Bell is not included!


Product Details Of SOKANO KW062 1200ML Water Bottle Large Capacity Cute Tumbler Portable Sports with Strap Straw BPA Free (Flat Stickers Only) Botol Air Besar大肚杯

Feature :

  • [Safety lock] One-button cover, more convenient drinking, prevent misconduct, resulting in leakage

  • [Silicone straw] Independent detachable straw, you can drink water directly, you can drink water

  • [Lifting ring design] Tile bracelet, portable travel, easy to carry, convenient life

  • [Invert no leak] 360 degrees inverted no water, good sealing, is not afraid of putting on the baby

  • [Cup of Rope Design] With a cup of rope, go out of the door, easy to travel, and liberate


Specifications :

  • Material: PP

  • Cup material: PC

  • Whether to take a rope: with a rope

  • Capacity: 1200ml

  • Color: pink, blue

  • Temperature: 0 ° C ~ 80 ° C


Product Details Of SOKANO Makeup Dressing Stool Modern Simple Bench Small Stool Fabric Dressing Table Makeup Chair

Features & Specifications :

  • 100% brand new and high quality

  • Easy to install

  • Simple and strong 

  • The soft feeling when sitting on the chair

  • Lightweight

  • Thick texture

  • Strong and durable to sit

  • Chair made by foam sponge

  • Product Materials: Particleboard

  • Dimension : 33cm(L) x 22cm(W) x 40cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO SK02 Portable Security Lock Portable Door Lock Hotel Home Security Privacy Travel Mini Hardware Door Lock Anti-Theft Lock


Easily installed and removed in seconds on any door that opens inwards, giving you additional safety, security, and privacy behind it. Use it at the front door of your home and take one with you when you travel.

Features :

  • This is a portable door lock that installs in seconds without any tools required.

  • Safe: The Lock gives you additional safety, security, and privacy.

  • Portable: Use it at home or take it with you when you travel, apartment living, hotel students, school lockdown.

  • Convenience: The Lock is a portable door lock that installs in seconds without any tools required.

  • Comfortable: The Travel Lock is great if you are staying at an Airbnb or any other short-term rental.

  • Gift: A great and useful gift for any occasion. 

  • Multifunctional: Use it at home or take it with you when you travel, apartment living, hotel students, or during a school lockdown. 


Product Details Of Travel Star TA006 4 in 1 Multifunctional Cosmetic Storage Bag Split Foldable Cosmetic Bag Portable Travel Wash Bag



4 Compartment (removable) Roll-Up Makeup Bag for Travel, Personal Care, Cosmetic Organizer Bag.


Enough size to fit makeup & hair brushes (and a curling iron or straightener wrapped in the middle), plus ease of removability for use during travel (one compartment for each member of the family or a simple grab-n-go in your purse or diaper bag), or bathroom door.


Made with strong fabric and quality zippers to keep your make-up and personal belongings where they belong -- whether rolled up or hanging on a bathroom door.


  • Hang your bag from any hook to achieve convenient storage (at home or while traveling).

  • The key to multi-compartment bags is to organize your items according to their function, and also to separate items that you don't want together (e.g. Liquid, shampoo, hair spray, separate from powder, pills, tampons, etc).


The clear plastic allows for easy visual inspection by TSA at the airport and other security measures -- no more taking all of your personal, private belongings out!


  • Fold Dimension : 23cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 5cm(H)

  • Open Dimension : 54cm(L) x 23cm(W) x 5cm(H) 


Product Details Of SOKANO HP060 Minimalist 2 Doors Style Kitchen Cabinet Wall Cabinet Hanging Bathroom Cabinet Furniture Dapur Kabinet Dinding Gantung Perabot Rumah

Features :

  • 2 Doors

  • Assembly Required

  • Simple modern design

  • Black Modern Handle

  • Extraordinary Woodgrain


Dimension :

  • Design A : 60cm(L) x 30.5cm(W) x 60cm(H)

  • Design B : 80cm(L) x 30.5cm(W) x 60cm(H)

  • Design C : 60cm(L) x 30.5cm(W) x 80cm(H)

  • Design D : 80cm(L) x 30.5cm(W) x 80cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO HP062 TV Console TV Cabinet Rak TV With Caster With Wheels For Apartment Airbnb Hostel Furniture Perabot Rumah Rak TV Murah

Features & Specifications :

  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, or family hall

  • A sturdy structure, sustainable vitality, and charming modern style

  • Plenty of storage space for your entertainment consoles, helps you keep your home tidy and clean

  • Smooth edges and lines that are long-lasting and do not bend easily

  • Assembly Required

  • Simple modern design

  • Easy and convenience

  • Strong and stable、Space saving

  • Sturdy solid wood

  • Dimension : 80cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 43cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO HP063 Wall Mounted TV Cabinet (4 Feets) TV Console Wall TV Cabinet TV Rack Hanging TV Cabinet Furniture Rak TV Dinding

Features & Specifications :

  • Minimalist, simple, and modern design.

  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, apartment, studio

  • Caring Instructions: -Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner / Wipe dry with a clean clot

  • Material: Particle Board

  • Color: White / Dark Brown

  • Top Panel with a Cable Hole

  • Dimension : 120cm(L) x 24cm(W) x 23cm(H) 


Product Details Of SOKANO FR168 Mini Clothes Dryer Portable Clothes Dryer Mini Drying Machine Household Quick-drying Clothes Folding Travel Dormitory Artifact Apartment Cloth Drying Machine for Hostel for Travel Mesin Pengering Baju Kecil

Product Highlights :

  • Comes with a drying bag, which can be directly put into the body

  • Humanized hand strap design, which can be hung as you use it

  • Intelligent 2-speed drying mode, efficient drying

  • Turn on UV kill JUN lamp mode with a single button, and double kill JUN to protect clothes

  • Only a little bigger than iPhone, compact and portable, and easy to carry when traveling at home

  • Constant temperature heating, drying and wearing, clean travel


Features :

  • PTC thermostatic technology intelligent temperature control · Safe and efficient.

  • 2 Gear design. Level 1 · Silent drying · worry-free sleep; level 2 · efficient drying. Built-in-time automatic shutdown protection.

  • Can quickly dry small clothes, such as towels, underwear, underwear, socks, swimsuits, children's clothes, etc.

  • Anion sterilization + pasteurization double protection. Safer and more assured.

  • The parts in the drying area can be removed and washed and can be collected back into the product when not in use. One-piece storage, easy to operate.


Specification :    

  • Carrying weight: less than 5kg

  • Support material: Nitinol alloy

  • Control mode: mechanical

  • Shape: Cylindrical

  • Heating method: PTC

  • Power: below 500W


Product Details Of Obaby Paris OB026 Premium Foldable Baby Cot Adjustable Height Adjustable Angel Multi-function Rocking Cradle Baby Crib Portable Baby Cot Multifunctional Cradle Foldable Cradle

3 IN 1:

  1. Sleeping Basket Mode--- The mobile cot solves the baby's a sleeping problem during travel.

  2. Cart mode -- the cradle bed is equipped with wheels, easy to push

  3. Shaker mode--change into a baby cradle in seconds, with a 15-degree scientific swing range, easily coaxing the child to sleep


Features :

  • Mom can carry it with one hand, easy to carry.

  • The fully enclosed mosquito net can be quickly installed and removed, easy to carry and use.

  • The cushion is moderately soft and hard, which is more suitable for newborn growth.

  • The heightened guardrail is spacious, and the baby is not in danger of turning over and falling.

  • Large space, usable up to 2 years old.

  • Easy to disassemble and washable, giving the child a clean place to sleep.

  • Large storage space for children's supplies

  • The wheels can be locked.


Specifications :

  • Suitable age: 0-24 Months

  • Product net weight: 3.9KG

  • Product load: 25KG

  • Product Size : 80cm(L) x 64cm(W) x 107cm-115cm(H)


Product Details Of (BUY 1 FREE 5) Obaby Paris OB025 Stroller (Can Sit/ Lay) Ultralight Easy Foldable Stroller With Adjustable Roof, Hard Back Rest, Basket, Bottle Holder Thick Seat Pad Good Quality for Travel Outdoor Can Put In Car on Flight

Features & Specifications :

  • Easy Fold

  • Seat Adjustments - 3 position

  • Stroller weight: 4kg  

  • Umbrella Stroller

  • Light and easy to carry with 

  • The front tyre and back tyre have a broken button for the safety lock 

  • One position for the seat, the seat belt is available 

  • Front tyre 360 rotation 

  • Folded Dimension : 50cm(L) x 27cm(W) x 78cm(H)

  • Stroller Size : 50cm(L) x 65cm(W) x 96cm(H)

  • Load Bearing: 25kg 


Noted :

  • Suitable from newborn to a maximum weight of 25kg

  • Recommended use: 6 months to 5 years of age


Product Details Of SOKANO CBG0032 Kitchen Cabinet Dustproof Kitchen Storage Rack Space Saver Kitchen Organizer Multi-Layer Storage Rack Multi-Functional with Glass Door Pot Shelf Bowl Dish Kabinet Dapur

Features :

  • Multi storage

  • Large Capacity

  • Drawer & Cabinet Storage Design

  • Sliding Door Opening

  • Heightened Base Cabinet

  • Thickened Board

  • Wider Surface

  • Material: Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)


Dimension : 

  • Design 1 : 60x34x70(cm)

  • Design 2 : 60x34x100(cm)

  • Design 3 : 60x34x130(cm)

  • Design 4 : 60x34x160(cm)

  • Design 5 : 80x34x100(cm)

  • Design 6 : 80x34x130(cm)

  • Design 7 : 80x34x160(cm)


Product Details Of SOKANO SY-04 Hair Straightener Comb Hair Straightener Comb Hair Curler Hair Crimper Fast Heating Not Hurt Hair Straight Hair Curling Rambut

Features :


The 5 temp settings (130℉ - 210℉) are customized for all hair types. No matter what hair type you have, you can find the right setting.


TYMO RING adopts PTC heating technology that can quickly heat up to 210°F in 25s while also keeping constant even heat to prevent hair damage.


Specifications :

  • Material: Acrylic

  • Power: Less than 45 W

  • Applicable hair: Dry

  • Temperature Controller: Digital

  • The service life of thermal plate/bar: More than 50,000 times

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode: 360° Rotatable


Product Details Of SOKANO BM007 Montessori Baby Flash Card Baby Sensory Cards High Contrast Visual Stimulation Learning for Baby/Kids Learning Toys Learning Material Learning Flash Card

Features :

From 0 to 6 months, newborn babies can only see objects ranging from 7 inches to 27 inches, and they are sensitive to black and white colors. They will show great interest in high-contrast cards and stay focused on the cards.

Using black and white high contrast cards can stimulate babies' brain development. A Baby's brain is not an adult, it is able to capture the fast-moving flash cards. As they learn more during childhood, their ability to learn when growing up will be expanded

 It uses the visual post-image principle to stimulate baby vision with simple black-and-white high contrast images and develop the ability of infants to find goals and focus on both eyes

The eye is the extension of the brain and promoting the health of the infant's visual nervous system is part of early childhood education. Showing black and white flashcards to the baby is also a good activity baby and parents enjoy, and it enhances the baby's parents' bonding

The Black and White High Contrast Cards a great choice for this Christmas, baby shower, or holiday gifts. They are made with good material and 100% safe for babies. It will bring joy and fun to both babies and parents.


Specifications :

  • Age Range: Birth~24 Months

  • Vision Stimulation: educational toy

  • Flash Cards: Montessori educational toy

  • Size : 14cm x 14cm


Please Note: Box: Written in Chinese (Cards No Wording Only Picture.)


Product Details Of SOKANO JR-288 Portable Garment Steamer Iron Professional Micro Steam Iron Handheld Household Portable Mini Ironing Machine Garment Steamer Home Travel Dropshipping Necessary Tools For Sterilization And Mite Removal

Features :

  • Connecting to the power supply can produce continuous high temperature and high-pressure steam within two minutes.

  • Ironing: high temperature and strong steam can easily iron clothes, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, etc., especially clothes that need to be ironed vertically (such as suits, etc.) 

  • Sterilization: High temperature and strong steam can quickly kill all kinds of harmful to ensure home cleanliness.

  • Cleaning: High temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and remove oil stains, dirt, mildew, and cracks on the surface of household products. 

  • While spraying high-temperature steam, the surface of the object can be scrubbed. The cleaning is simple and quick, and the effect is remarkable.


Specifications :

  • Color: Green 

  • Material: ABS, PC, electric heating module.

  • Power supply length: 1.5 meters, all copper power cord.

  • Voltage: 220V

  • Product power: 30W / 50-60Hz

  • Water tank capacity: 100ml

  • Heating method: electric heating type.

  • Use range: ironing clothes, shirts, underwear, bags, ties, etc.

  • Product function: ironing, humidification, disinfection, and sterilization


Product Details Of SOKANO KS03 Chopping Board Standing Cutting Board Multipurpose Emerald Antibacterial And Mildew Proof Plastic Round Vegetable Cutting Board


  • Made of PE material, it is safe, non-toxic, lightweight, and durable. 

  • The extrusion process and mesh cutting process are designed to be wear-resistant and non-slip. 

  • The rotatable handle is designed to stand stably, and it is resistant to cracks and chops without hurting the knife.


Specifications :

  • Color: green

  • Material: PE

  • Size: 33cm(L) x 1.3cm(W) x 34.5cm(H)

  • Function: Anti-mildew

  • Style: modern minimalist

  • Shape: round


Product Details Of SOKANO LEDA009 3 Led Mini Ultraviolet UV Disinfection Lamp Car Mini Sterilization Handheld Portable Lamp

Features :

  • Effective sterilization: 3 UVC light sources; ultraviolet radiation can kill more than 99% of residual bacteria in 3 minutes.

  • Healthy and non-toxic: the pure physical disinfection method without harmful chemicals is used to effectively and quickly sterilize the lamps, which is healthy, non-toxic, and non-polluting.

  • Tact switch: light touch to turn on the lamp; disinfection lamp is easy to use.

  • Small and light: the lamp is powered by 3AAA batteries (batteries are not included in delivery). It is small and light, easy to move to different places for disinfection.

  • Convenient installation: With double-sided tape, the lamp tube is easy to install; suitable for disinfecting small spaces, such as cabinets, shoe cabinets, automobiles, etc.


Specifications :

  • Disinfection time: 1-3 minutes

  • Power supply mode: 3*AAA No.7 dry battery(not provided)

  • Discharge time: 10-12 hours

  • Power: 2.6W input current 100Ma

  • Switch: Press the switch

  • Placement method: double-sided adhesive paste

  • Size: 70* 70 * 25mm


Product Details Of SOKANO HD005 Korean Style Light Weight Portable Hair Dryer Hot And Cold Wind Quick-Drying Hair Dryer Creative Leafless Household Constant Temperature Hair Care Pengering Rambut

Features :

  •  Intelligent temperature control hair care

  •  Portable for travel

  •  Multi-speed adjustment

  •  Ultra-quiet and low radiation

  •  ION Conditioner


Specifications :

  • Power: 1000W

  • Voltage: 220V~ 

  • Material: ABS

  • Size: 7cm*5.5cm*21.5cm

  • Weight: 0.40kg


Product Details Of SOKANO SOKANO OR014 Retractable Foldable Cloth Drying Rack Balcony Wall Mounted Retractable Foldable Clothes Drying Rack Stainless Aluminium Material Clothes Hanger Space Saving Rack Rak Pengeringan Baju Balkoni

Features :

  • Materials: Aluminium-magnesium Alloy (Lightweight but Strong structure, Rusty Free)

  • Max Strength: first fold up to 50kg, second fold up to 40kg, third fold up to 30kg (for long-term protection, it is recommended not to use the drying rack at its maximum strength.)

  • Build-in bearing, easy fold, rotate, push or pull.

  • Can adjust folding tightness with Hex Key 6mm, by screw-up the hex nut on each intersection point.

  • After folded, can totally stick to the wall, and keep your air space empty and neat.

  • Reinforce structure, suitable to be used in windy environments.

  • Extendable end pole.


Dimension :

  • 1 Fold-Black : 60cm(L)+33cm(Extendable end pole) x 6.5cm(W) x 9cm(H)

  • 2 Fold-Black : 60cm(L)+24cm(Extendable end pole) x 6.5cm(W) x 9cm(H)

  • 3 Fold-Black : 60cm(L)+30cm(Extendable end pole) x 6.5cm(W) x 9cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO KW060-Coffee Maker Pot French Press Mixer Frother Barista Glass Tea Pot Filter Coffee Pot Glass Coffee Tea Heat Resistant Coffee Brewer Filter

Features :

  • French press coffee pot allows you to prepare coffee of pure and strong flavor.

  • Made of thickened heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which can withstand boiling water.

  • Upgrade Filtration System: Refined stainless steel filter is anti-rust.

  • Perfect for making fresh tea, espresso, and even cold brew.

  • Easy to clean: Every part of the press can be disassembled for cleaning.

  • No Scratchy Noise, it would not squeak when you move the plunger up or down.

  • Suitable for home and office use.


Specifications :

  • Capacity : 350mL, 600mL, 800mL, 1000mL

  • Material : Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel Presser, ABS Handle Frame

  • Dimension of 350mL : 10.5cm X 7.5cm X 15.5cm

  • Dimension of 600mL : 12cm X 9cm X 17.4cm

  • Dimension of 800mL : 13cm X 10cm X 17.5cm

  • Dimension of 1000mL : 13cm X 10cm X 20cm