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Product Details Of SOKANO TOY HT075 3 IN 1 Swing Children Slide Kids Slide With Basketball Net Indoor Outdoor Colourful Mini Playground Toy for Girl Toy for Boy    


Features : 

  1. Slide: It has a super long acceleration zone, deceleration zone and buffer zone, which can let the child fall smoothly and land safely, exercise the child's coordination ability, and let him slide into a better future.

  2. Suitable for home and family indoor use: This is a good toy that can accompany the growth of children, giving them different gaming experiences.

  3. Easy to assemble and clean The installation process is very simple, no other tools are required, and the material makes the stain very easy to clean.

  4. The T-shaped forward leaning safety device exercises the children's sense of balance and makes them grow up happily.

  5. Very easy to assemble and very sturdy! The plastic edges are smooth, and the parts fit together well enough to fit the children's playroom.

  6. The 4 gears can be adjusted arbitrarily as needed.


Specifications :

  • Material: PE plastic

  • Function: Multifunctional slide slide combination

  • Specification: 185cm(L) * 135cm(W) * 123cm(H)

  • Applicable occasions: amusement park, supermarket, family, shopping mall, community

  • Applicable scene: venue entertainment equipment


Product Details Of Sokano SO005 Creative Underwear Socks Or Bras Home And Travel Use Storage Box Organizer

Great for both storage at home and on the go, your bras will no longer be squished in a suitcase or feel free to place

  • Washable and foldable

  • Features Zip Closure at bottom, waterproof, comfortable to use

  • Material: Oxford fabric, can be washed with water

  • Dimensions: 31 * 25 * 12cm


Product Details Of SOKANO SW008 2 Doors Wadrobe Bear Theme Cartoon Design Japanese Style Plastic Kids Cabinet Children Cabinet Cloth Cabinet Almari Plastik Almari kanak-Kanak Perabot Rumah


Feature :

Use To Storage Clothes,Magazine,Books,Shoe And Etc

Space Saver


Specification :

  • Type : Design 1 (2 Drawer with Hanging)
    Type : Design 2 (3 Drawer with Hanging)

  • Material : PP Material

  • Dimension : 58cm x 38cm x 100cm (Design 1)
    Dimension : 58cm x 40cm x 136cm (Design 2)

  • Drawer Size :
    - 53 x 35 x 18cm (Drawer)

  • Place To Use : Bedroom , Living Room , Kitchen

  • Color Available : Design 1 (Blue, Pink), Design 2 (Blue, Pink)


Product Details Of SOKANO D4743 Sturdy Wooden Table Top Book Rack Book Shelf Table Organizer Desk Organizer Rak Buku

Features & Specifications :

  • Material: wood-based panel, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant, delicate touch

  • Features: thick plate, multi-grid storage, wood veneer, free combination, strong and stable

  • Uses: store books, CDs, toys, crafts, vases, sundries, it can be used as bookcases, display cabinets, shelving units, storage units, etc.

  • Suitable for: living room, study, bedroom, office, lounge, etc.

  • Colour : Light Brown , White , Blue

  • Dimension : 63CM X 17CM X 46CM



-Precise die-cast Aluminium non-stick cookware is made of standard Aluminium with advanced die-cast technology under traditional cast-idea.
-Light easy in operation to eliminate the demerits of iron cookware, which is heavy and liable to corrode, and eliminate the weakness of drawn iron cookware.
-Owing to fast heat transmission, our cookware can fry, cook and roast food with little oil or without oil, no oil carbonizing or sticking, which complies people's traditional idea to cook food with cast cookware and makes people healthier.
-Durable coating.
-Glass lid nice and fashionable version.
-Scratchproof surface.

-Use oil when cooking for the first time to extend the life of the coating.
-Always pay attention when pre-heating to prevent overheating and fire.
-Do not store salty food in cookware to prevent damage.
-Using low to medium flame will gain better cooking results.
-Although the coating is very durable, use with care when using metal or sharp tools on product.
-Do not use the lid while cooking in the oven.
-Always keep cookware clean when not in use.

-Inside coating: Whitford Xylan
-Outside coating: High temperature granite resistant coating
-Full glass lid

SIZE : 40cm


Product Details Of SOKANO DSG0019K Northern Europe TV Cabinet Luxury Marble Strap Surface Living Room Cabinet Multi-functional Television Cabinet Furniture Rak TV

Features :

  • High load-bearing capacity

  • Wear-resistant

  • Iron frame structure

  • The surface of the table is not easy to scratch and broken

  • Thick wooden

  • Marble pattern

  • Water-resistant

  • Suitable to place in the living room, bedroom, and office

  • Nordic design

  • Not occupying space

  • Using the iron frame to support the table

  • Wide of tabletop

  • On top of the table can display books, cups, vases, snack food, album, and so on


Specifications :

  • Material: Wood + iron

  • Dimension (L x W x H) : 140cm x 30cm x 40cm


Product Details Of SOKANO Kitchen Cleaning Wipe 80 Pcs Strong Degreasing And Decontamination Household Wipes Dapur 厨房清洁湿巾

Descriptions :

Powerful degreasing, clean dishes, one-time use, time-saving and labor-saving, a large amount of 80 Pcs, suitable for ordinary households, durable and not easy to break, clean and degreasing without leaving stains, one pump and one use, clean and cleaner! 

Features & Specifications :

  • Kitchen cleaning wipes 80 sheets

  • Material: spun lace non-woven fabric + APG decontamination factor

  • Ingredients: non-woven fabric, pure water, coconut oil essence, lemon essence, cleansing factor

  • Size: 200mm(L) x 130mm(W)

  • 80 sheets/pack

  • Shelf life: 3 years

  • Scope of application: pots and pans, all kinds of tableware, gas stoves, range hoods, etc.

  • Super degreasing, good water absorption, no detergent required, throw away when used up.


PRODUCT DETAILS OF SOKANO Tefal Natura 20cm/24cm/28cm/32cm/34cm (Frypan/Deep Frypan) Cookware Periuk Pot Pan Wok Kuali

  • THERMO-SIGNAL® technology indicates the ideal starting cooking temperature that guarantees perfect texture, color and taste for delicious full-flavored meals.


  • Featuring mineral particle inclusions and the use of natural colors, MINERALIA non-stick coating offers high resistance to scratches and excellent durability over time.

  • Thanks to its Diffusion Base, the heat is well distributed throughout the pan for good and homogeneous cooking results.

  • The ergonomic stay-cool handles ensure safe cooking and added the comfort of use.

  • Compatible with all stovetops (gas, electric, ceramic), except induction.

  • Our goal is to make durable products that last for years, while also preserving our planet's health through recyclable designs and safe non-stick coatings (no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium).

  • Sizes: 20m Frypan (B22602), 24cm Frypan (B22604), 28cm Frypan (B22606), 28cm Deep Frypan (B22666),28cm Deep Frypan with Lid (B22692), 32cm Deep Frypan with Lid (B22694).
  • Product Dimension: 354 (L) x 194 (W) x 75 (H) MM (20cm -B22602).

  • Product Dimension: 414 (L) x 234 (W) x 77 (H) MM (24cm - B22604).

  • Product Dimension: 450 (L) x 270 (W) x 110 (H) MM (26cm - B22665 ).
  • Product Dimension:  454 (L)x 274 (W) x 77 (H) MM (28cm - B22606).

  • Product Dimension:  467 (L) x 285 (W) x 109 (H) MM (28cm Deep Frypan - B22666).

  • Product Dimension: 467 (L) x 288 (W) x 108 (H) MM (28 cm Deep Frypan with Lid - B22692).
  • Product Dimension: 460 (L) x 265 (W) x 100 (H) MM (32cm Deep Frypan - B22694).
  • Product Dimension: 483 (L) x 362 (L) x 165 (H) MM (34 cm Deep Frypan with Lid - B22696)

Product Details Of SOKANO B-Safe Instant Quaternary Disinfectant Hard Surface Sanitizer Disinfectant Cleaner (READY TO USE) Suitable Sanitizer Sprayer Machine (5 litre)

  • B-SafeTM Chlorinated Disinfectant is formulated based on benzalkonium chloride as recommended active ingredient for sanitising and disinfecting.

  • It effectively eliminates a wide spectrum of germs on non-porous surfaces. 

  • This instant formula is easy to use, safe and economical. 

  • As the virus can survive on surfaces of different materials for at least 2 to 3 days, surfaces potentially contaminated with virus (e.g. commonly touched surfaces, surfaces which may have been exposed to respiratory droplets such as sneezes or coughs, and floors) should be sanitised. 

  • Application To disinfect washable, hard, non-porous surfaces, thoroughly wetting surfaces with a cloth, mop, sponge, sprayer or by immersion. 

  • Wipe off or let it dry naturally. No rinsing required. 

  • Area to use: living room, bathroom, toilet, office, fixtures, furniture, door knob, mobile devices, handles, and other frequently touched surfaces. 

For high traffic/ risky area: Use directly 

  • For medium strength: 1 part disinfectant, add 4 part of water 

  • For light/ daily usage: 1 part disinfectant, add 9 part of water

Storage and Handling 
Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. Do not mix with other detergents or chemicals 
Safety information 

  • For external use only. Do not use in ears, nose or mouth. 

  • When using this product, avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush eyes with water. Stop use and ask doctor if redness or irritation develop or persists. 

*Keep out of reach of children. Children should be supervised when using this product.


Product Details Of SOKANO (1 Layer) Food Cover 003 Premium Stackable Food Cover with Lid Tudung Saji Thermal Food Cover Dining Table Leftovers Storage Household Winter Cover Dish Artifact Food Thick Thermal Insulation

Descriptions :

  1. Food safe material materials for children, BPA-free, no PVC, stain-resistant and no mold. Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and reusable box

  2. Keeps your meals and snacks fresh and clean, a robust design. It keeps your meals warm, fresh and clean by preventing leaks and odors in the BOX. And these boxes food preparation container is also very easy to maintain due to the super-smooth inner surface.

Features & Specifications :

  • Save Table Space

  • Heat resistant food

  • Food is more durable for stale

  • Protects food from dust and germs

  • Avoid mixed foods compared to regular products

  • Can store refrigerator

  • Material : PET Material

  • Designed to protect food from dust and other unhealthy items

  • Can keep warm your food

  • Big Size : 24cm(L) x 24cm(W) x 13.5cm(H)

  • Small Size : 24cm(L) x 24cm(W) x 10.5cm(H)

* Please take note: 1 LAYER ONLY!


PRODUCT DETAILS OF SOKANO Bathroom Mirror 004 Aluminium Bathroom Mirror With Glass Shelf Set Cermin Bilik Mandi Dengan Rak

Features :

  • Easy Cleaning

  • High Quality

  • Modern and stylish design

  • Material: Aluminium + glass


Colour & Size :

  • Black Rectangular (40 x 50cm)

  • White Rectangular (40 x 50cm)

  • Black Rectangular (40 x 60cm)

  • White Rectangular (40 x 60cm)

  • Round Black (40 x 40cm)

  • Round Black (50 x 50cm)

Glass Shelf : ( 40cm(L) x 12cm(W) x 4cm(H) )


Product Details Of SOKANO Portable Nano Atomizer Wireless Handheld Rechargeable Disinfectant Sprayer Nano Steam Atomizer 300ml Portable Electric Sprayer Intelligent ULV Fogger Machine For Office /Car/Home Prevent Virus

Features :

  1. Large-capacity 300ml water bottle, manual handle, small and portable.

  2. Porous heat dissipation, the device releases a large amount of nanospray, and the body has heat dissipation holes.

  3. Suitable for home, travel, car, room, office, public area, and clothing disinfection.

  4. Odorless cold mist

  5. Fast fog, large fog volume, for small areas: 40².

  6. Compact body allows you to feel comfortable with the design of the handle, easy to carry, can be used in homes and beauty salons.

  7. Long press to ON the machine and Long press to OFF the machine.


Specifications :

  • Material:Plastic

  • Size: 23.2cm(L) x 6.1cm(W) x 19.6cm(H)

  • Water Bottle Capacity: 300ML

  • Rated Voltage: 110-240V

  • Rated power: 10W

  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh

  • Charging time: 2 hours

  • Working time: 3 hours

  • USB Cable Charging

  • SOKANO Literacy Fun Game Spelling Practice
  • Complete a puzzle to spell a word with fun
  • Over 60 colorful card with English word fit into the baseto spell three- and four-letter words. 
  • All this spelling and finemotor fun fits into one compact paper box
  • Helps children gain familiarity with the letters of the alphabet as kids develop a sight-reading word

Product details of SOKANO DIY Mini Greenhouse Transparent Plastic PVC Greenhouse Green House with Steel Frame Steel Pipe Frame + PVC Transparent Cover Gardening Garden Shed


  • Especially suitable for a decorative backyard-this greenhouse is fun. Problems with optimal backyard or house space. Deck, patio, or balcony in place. Note: Its strong seal and thick cover, the temperature inside the greenhouse is much higher than outside.
  • Multi-function: Plastic is very thick and double zipper works great. The mini greenhouse was easy to assemble and fits snugly together with the back patio area quite easily. In this greenhouse your backyard expands regardless of the growing season.
  • High quality: it will hold up to a very sturdy and durable plastic clear PVC, very bad weather, waterproof and reinforced. Keep it. The high quality design can hold up to 40 pounds in this cute greenhouse.
  • Transparent PVC cover: 100% waterproof, UV protection, maximum solar performance, maintain greenhouse interior warmer and help extend the plant growing season. Also a mini size greenhouse, easily move outside or inside winter. Go to easy and portable settings.


  • Material: High quality PVC

Greenhouse cover size: approx.
3 Tiers 69 * 49 * 126cm
4 Tiers 69 * 49 * 155cm


Product Details Of SOKANO Baby Face Shield Detachable Shield Baby Protective Cap with Face Shield Protective Children Kids Pelindung Muka Kanak-kanak


The PVC cover can remove when you needn't the shield


Features & Specifications :

  • Applicable gender: neutral/Men and women can

  • Product category: Fisherman hat

  • The texture of material: Polyester fiber

  • function: Waterproof, antifoam, and sunscreen

  • Suitable season: Spring, Summer

  • Colour: Blue, Pink, Black

  • Size: Children's cap  1-10year

  • Brim style: Wide eaves

  • Hat style: dome


Product details of SOKANO A013 Table Cloth Linen Tablecloth Dustproof Rectangle Table Cover Slip Resistant Simple Plaid Ins Style Multiple Sizes Kain Meja


  • Material: PVC (Anti Oil, Waterproof)
  • Each Colour Size Available:
  • 90 x 137 cm
  • 180 x 137 cm


  • The tablecloth both protects the table and creates a decorative table setting with atmosphere.
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, Oil resistant, and easy to clean
  • Soft and flexible, comfortable to the touch, environment-friendly.
  • High quality, Durable
  • Pastoral countryside plaid style, elegant and fashionable.
  • Bring a touch of colour and style to your dinner table with this beautifully designed tablecloth
  • Its colours are a perfect match for any kind of room
  • Not only will it decorate your breakfast, lunch, or dinner table, but you will instantly feel its brightening effect on the whole room
  • Suitable for table covers, such as tea table, dining table, TV cabinet, closet, shoe cabinet, ideal for home, hotel, cafe, restaurant, especially for wedding ornament and party decoration
  • This table cloth is foldable and reusable. Its waterproof and oil proof. It can slightly use hand wash and use again.
  • This table cloth can use for outdoor picnic, table cloth decoration for home dining table, party occasion, table study. Easy to clean and dry fast.


  • *Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. 

Product Details Of SOKANO LC008 Foldable Lazy Chair Foldable Outdoor Chair Multipurpose Foldable Chair Kerusi Boleh Lipat Kerusi Malas Boleh Lipat



  • The durable Lazy Chair has been ergonomically designed using extra-tough polyester rip-stop fabric and a reinforced steel constructed frame for strength, stability, and the highest comfort.

  • Lightweight & compact lightweight sun Lazy Chair is adjustable to different positions, making it perfect for sitting up, taking a nap, or reading a book in the sunshine. Foldable into a compact size, it's perfect for fishing trips, beach outings, and relaxing in the comfort of your back garden.

  • SafeComfortable plastic armrests and No-slide pieces on chair feet for extra security.



  • Metal Material: Steel

  • Additional features: folding

  • Product weight: 4KG

  • Bearing weight: 100kg

  • Style: simple and modern

  • Applicable to: outdoor, family, balcony, and so on.

  • Dimension for Sitting possition : 48.5cm(L) x 47cm(W) x 76cm(H)

  • Folding Size : 48.5cm(L) x 67.5cm(H)


Product Details Of SOKANO D4383 Sturdy Wooden Table Top Book Rack Book Shelf Table Organizer Rak Buku

  • Material: wood-based panel, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant, delicate touch
  • Features: thick plate, multi-grid storage, wood veneer, free combination, strong and stable
  • Size: 43cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 40cm (H)
  • color: white, light brown
  • Uses: store books, CDs, toys, crafts, vases, sundries, it can be used as bookcases, display cabinets, shelving units, storage units, etc.
  • Suitable for: living room, study, bedroom, office, lounge, etc.

Product details of SOKANO Flash Cards Kids Baby Literacy Cognitive Memory Game Educational Learning Toy For Learn English Word Colors (10 Designs Available)

  • Enhance the memory power of your children by studying the picture, words and letters
  • Develop visual sense, hand-eye co-ordination skills, improve dexterity\
  • Expand knowledge, foster logic thinking, develop patience.
  • Cartoon appearance makes it attractive with children.

Product Details Of SOKANO 6 in 1 Wet Basket Vegetable Cutter Multifunctional Kitchen Wash Rinse Bowl with Slicer & Grater Kitchen Utensils

Features :

  1. Rotating buckle, automatic rotation angle, the drain basket is always stable, convenient for washing and draining, double layer separation, one basket for multiple use, stacking for storage and draining, separate storage

  2. 2mm filament is suitable for cold salad, 3mm medium silk is easy to cook, can be fried and cold, 4mm thick silk is suitable for cooking, 1.5mm thin slices, can be used for cooking or fruit mask, 2.5mm thick film, cut flower can make potato chips, etc. Rong, hand guard protects your fingers and avoids waste.

Specifications :

  • Comfortable non-slip handle, one-handed control, safer

  • How to use the hand guard: Take out the hand guard, place it on the top of the food, press the handle to fix it, and use it when it is fixed.

  • Capacity: 2000ml

  • Material: PP

  • Size: 22cm x 22cm x 11cm


Product details of SOKANO Heavy Duty Base Stand Movable Base Multi-functional Stand / Adjustable Universal Machine Carriage / Telescopic for Dryer Washing Machine Fridge Furniture Moving

  • Maximum Load: 250kg
  • Easily move your heavy home appliances such as Washing Machine, Fridge & etc
  • Adjustable : 44-68cm
  • It could also prevent appliances from a certain level of water damage as it lifted the appliances away from the floor
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Wheels with Brake
  • Just a few minutes needed for easy installation
  • Suitable for placing heavy objects such as washing machine refrigerator, sterilizing cabinet and air-conditioner
  • Maintaining ventilation of the bottom of the objects, anti-moisture, anti-rust, and easy to be moved and cleaned
  • Wheel Material: PA66 rubber universal wheels, metal zinc-plating tube
  • Function: smooth and firm, adjustable dimension and convenient movement
  • Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance, and anti-corrosion
  • Size adjustable
  • The handy pallet is easy to navigate with four 360 degrees rotating wheels
  • No more struggling and backaches! Rearrange bulky furniture with ease or move heavy objects effortlessly with the handy pale
  • The fastest and easiest way to move heavy objects

Product Details Of SOKANY YG-888 1000W Portable Handheld Clothes Garment Steamer Fast-Heat Steam Iron Home Travel Iron Steamer Travel Garment Steamer Sterika Stim



  1. Application: Ironing clothes, saddle, curtain, quilt, sofa, sterilization and mite removal, care floor, room humidification.

  2. Clothes hanger directly through continuous spray directly eliminate wrinkles quickly.

  3. Clothing on the table with the ironing board by a strong spray eliminate the fold.

  4. Efficient and environmentally friendly household cleaning and ironing function product, its continuous ejection of high-temperature and high-pressure steam can be used to ironing, sterilization, cleaning, etc.

  5. Suitable for home, hotels and outdoor travel.

  6. High temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and strip the oil stains, dirt and mold spots on the surface and cracks of household products.

  7. With brush, in the ejection of high-temperature steam at the same time, can scrub the surface of objects, clean simply and quickly, remarkable effect.

  8. Beautiful appearance.

  9. Easy to carry.



  • Brand: Sokany

  • Voltage: 220V

  • Power: 1000W

  • Capacity: 70ml

  • Color: Purple

  • Temperature mode: Single button


Package included:

  • 1 X Garment Steamer

  • 1 X Brush

  • 1 X Measuring Cup

  • 1 X English User Manual


Product Details Of SOKANO EKC020【With Light Wheel】Tenso Electric Ride On Motor rechargeable battery bike mini Superbike electronic motorcycle motorbike Children Kids

Features :

  • This Superbike is durable and perfect for taking your kids for a ride to the park, the playground, or the local paths.

  • Cool colors and super cool design, your kids sure will like it with the ride.

  • Prepare to take the fun of scooter-riding with them!

  • Sports Performance Adjustable

  • Horn Button

  • On/Off button

  • Alarm sound

  • Forward/stop/Reserve button

  • Music + LED and front lights + Accelerator

  • Anti-slip Wheels to protect kids

  • With Emulation exhaust pipe


Specifications :

  • Rechargeable Battery 6V4.5AH

  • Suitable Age: 1 -5 years

  • Max load : 25kg

  • Charging Time: 4-6 Hours

  • Driving: 30-60 minutes

  • Car size 86cm(L) x 44cm(W) x 52cm(H)

  • Product Weight: 6.6kg


Product Details Of SOKANO 200ml Garlic Chopper Mini Vegetable Fruit Cutter Processor Chopper Garlic Cutter Multi-function Food Chopper Meat Blender Crusher Kitchen Accessories

Features :

  • Food grade, the material of the hand held chopper is nontoxic plastic. The stainless steel blades are fast to chop and mince.

  • Convenient to be washed. If water gets into the lid, reverse the lid, then pull it, the remaining water will be out.

  • Square snaps for easy installation and stable operation The magnetic knife column is safe to use and more protective.

  • 170ml Magnetic knife design, The shank is attracted to the upper cover, and the finger does not need to touch the blade during operation, which is safer.

  • Make fruits and vegetables salad western-style food, usual vegetables can be choppe, you can use it to do chili sauce, garlic, ginger, celery and so on.

  • Compact and easy to store. Mini manual food chopper has simple structure, practicability, compact volume and convenience. Good for small kitchens, camping, travel and RV. It's great for making a little food for your baby.


  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel

  • Product Size: 9cm x 9cm x 7cm

  • Capacity: 200ML

Manual for use:

  1. Put the blade in the middle of transparent bowl carefully.

  2. Cut the foods into pieces and put them in the bowl. Don't put too many or too little, and half is appreciated for best performance.

  3. Before chopping, cover the lid on the bowl.

  4. Hold the lid with one hand, and pull the string to chop foods with another.

  5. Take out the blades carefully first, then take out the chopped foods.


Product details of SOKANO OB017 Kids Dining Chair Kids Baby Chair Baby Feeding Chair (3-36 Months) Food Grade PP Material Detachable Dining Tray with Sound Effect AntiSlip Leg Design Soft PU Seat Pad with Sound Kerusi Kanak-Kanak Kerusi Bayi


  • Material: Environmental protection PP
  • Recommended age range: 3-36 Months


  • TPE Non-slip chair leg
  • Big space easy access
  • Integrated module slicing design – Smooth edges without burrs
  • With fun voice – sit on the cushion, come with a sound effect
  • Egg shape – Simulate mothers embrace, give the baby a full sense of security
  • Remove the dinner plate and change it into a chair 
  • The cushion is soft and comfortable to protect the baby's delicate skin

Product Details Of SOKANO XG0030 Shoe Cabinet Minimalist Design Space saving Wooden Modern Shoe Rack Multilayer Shoe Shelf Kabinet Kasut Kayu Mewah

It is a good storage helper for your whole family, adds fun and functionality to your organizer. Suitable for your bedroom, living room, or entryway area.

Features & Specifications :

  • Conveniently locates all shoes in one spot

  • Simple yet modern design

  • Stays neat and organized

  • Great for small space

  • Design stylish appearance, exquisite workmanship.

  • Beautiful design with youthful colors suitable for all interior spaces of your home.

  • Strong bearing capacity

  • Sturdy & lightweight

  • Flipping Function

  • Material: Wood-Based Panel

  • Style: Minimalist Modern


Product Details Of Travel Star Packing Cube 3 Pcs Set for Travel Compression Bags Organizer for Luggage/Backpack (Compressed by Zips) No Need Vacuum Pump

Features : 

Compressible design, expand the available capacity for convenient storage of items, easy access.
Beautiful and elegant after storage and compression, easy to carry.
High-quality nylon fabric, strong, durable.

Specifications : 

  • Pattern:Three-dimensional Type
  • Material:Non-Woven Fabric

Size : 

  • L :  40cm x 10cm x 35cm
  • M :  35cm x 10cm x 25cm
  • S : 30cm x 10cm x 20cm

PRODUCT DETAILS OF SOKANO KR044 Stainless Steel Multilayer Racks / Household Kitchen Shelves / Pots Organizing Shelves / Microwave Oven Storage Rack Rak Dapur

Features :

  • Ideal for keeping things tidy and saving space of your kitchen.

  • Heavy duty design in solid structure with high capacity.

  • Classic and sleek look, visually appealing and fitting of any setting.

  • Stainless steel body protect itself from rust and prolongs it use.

  • Smooth stainless steel also easy to clean and keep its gloss.

  • Durable and sturdy.


Sizes :

  • 3 Tiers : 100cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 80cm(H)

  • 4 Tiers : 100cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 130cm(H)


Product details of SOKANO 50L Large Capacity Baju Cloth Organizer Laundry Organizer Blanket Bedsheet Organizer Code 58 with Zipper and Handle


  • Large capacity, can be placed a lot items, such as quilt, clothes,toys etc
  • Double zipper handle design,make you carry it easily
  • Can be folded when you don't need to use it, save your space

Specification :
Material : Oxford Cloth
Color : Blue , Red
Size : 58cm*40cm*22cm


Products Details of SOKANO C051 Hanging Kitchen Towel Hand Towel Tuala Dapur Tuala Tangan


Not only can do towel, but also be insulated gloves

Soft coral velvet, with a comfortable

Can wipe furniture, is a good helper to do housework

Intimate lanyard design, convenient to wipe your hands at any time

Super absorbent, just wipe it dry


  • Material: Soft coral velvet
  • Color : Blue, Green, Pink
  • Function: Absorbent
  • Features: Eco-friendly
  • Use: Kitchen
  • Size: 33*22cm

Product details of SOKANO Children Kids Alloy Gyroscope Beyblade

  • Children's favorite gift
  • Memory of childhood
  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Suitable for 3years old andabove
  • Measurement - 11cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 25cm(H)
  • Weight 0.15KG

Product details of SOKANO S5 Laundry Basket 2/3 Tier Laundry Baskets Bathroom Storage Basket Clothes Storage Rack

  • *2/3 Tire & Large Capacity- it can easily hold your laundry essentials, and other items you may use.
  • *Detachable & Spacious Basket,with two handles the basket can be taken out for seperated use.
  • *Wheels four easy-glide, durable wheels to make it easy to move anywhere.
  • *Quality Material & Good Ventilation-made of commercial grade PP, non-toxic and easy to clean;hollow design for good ventilation
  • *Muti-function & Easy Installation - can well organize your clothes,kids toys,vegetables, snacks to keep them on hand,
  • *its contemporary design complements any decoration for laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, playrooms, balconies, and much more.

Product Details Of SOKANO Lifting Moving Tool Furniture Transport Lifter Movers Tools Rolling Wheel Corner Furniture Lifter Set Alat Pindah Rumah


- Each mover contains 8 wheels
- Lifter got 4 wheels
- Allows you to move furniture or heavy objects easier
- Easy to carry tools


- Max capability: 150 kg
- Product weight: 1.3 kg
- Lifter length: 34 cm
- Mover size: 10.5 cm X 8 cm X 3 cm

-Color : Black


1X Wheeled Lifter

4X Black Wheeled Corner Movers


Product Details Of SOKANO Lion Bear Baby Swaddle 2-Way Ultra Comfort Zipper Zip Sleep Bag Swaddle Infant Baby Wrap Blanket For Baby (0-12 Month)

Features :

  • Help Baby To Self-Soothe And Sleep Longer

  • Suitable For Newborn to 12-month Baby

  • Ergonomic Designed Womb Like Fit

  • Single Layer Of Stretchable Cotton Spandex Help Prevent Overheating

  • Toggle Tent Keep The Zipper Toggle Under Cover

  • Twin Zipper, Make It Easy For Diaper Change Or Transporting Baby To Car Seat

  • Great For Travel

Highlights :

  • Convenient to carry

  • Simple two way zipper solution

  • Safe Material:100% Cotton 

  • Prevent scared reflexes and better ensure sleep

  • Fabric soft and comfortable