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RS-682 Mini Electric Multipurpose Hand Blender Food Processor and Mixer
Price RM25.90 RM50.00
Product SKU STN0469
Brand Sokano

Size: diameter 11.8 high 23.8cm
Material: ABS Pc PP blade stainless steel 430 models
Capacity: 600 ml
Work rate: 300 watts
Idle: 20,000
Work turn: 12000 turn
Function: juice, mix, milk shakes, beaten eggs, stir, dry grinding, crushing ice, meat
Method of operation:
1. Press continuously: press the button until the food reaches the desired state (the method of handling the soft ingredients)
2. pulse press: probably in accordance with the degree of a second, repeated the button to press and release the operation
(Processing of hard nuts)

(Absolutely can not keep it down.)
It is forbidden to work for more than one minute (10 minutes for the machine to rest for a minute)
Do not add more than 70 ° water and food when processing food.
Can not fight that kind of hard non-moisture ingredients,
Can not be grinding and viscosity is relatively high
Ingredients, such as: rock sugar, dried beans, candy and so on.