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Portable Silicone-Wide Opening Manual Breast Pump (2 Pcs) [Free Dust Cap]
Price RM11.70 RM32.90
Product SKU SKN2169
Brand Sokano

Product and Description:
BUNDLE- 2 Pcs Portable Food-grade Silicone-Wide Opening Manual Breast Pump + Free Dust Cap
Package include 2 pcs of Portable Food-grade Silicone-Wide Opening Manual Breast Pump and come with 2 pcs free dust proof cap
Made from BPA free food grade silicone which is safe for mother and baby
Lightweight and portable design
Wide opening up to 8cm wide
Sanitary lid prevents contamination of contents and maintains sterilization
Easy pour spout to pour contents into bottle or milk storage bags without spilling
Perfect for mother who use direct breastfeeding or using breast pump to prevent overflow of milk
Can use as manual pump by simple pressing when mothers are outdoor or in office
Dimension: 15cm x 6cm x 6cm
How to use:
1.Sterilize the Silicone Breast Pump Saver before each use (sterilize not more than 8 minutes)
2.Lightly squeeze the lower part of the Silicone Breast Pump Saver and place the opening to your breast. 
3.The Silicone Breast Pump Saver will be attached to your breast due to the light vacuum effect.
4.Start collecting breastmilk with ease.
5.Squeezing the Silicone Breast Pump Saver repeatedly to enhance the milk flow when needed to.
6.Transfer the collected milk for storage or immediate consumption.
7.Wash and dry the Milk Collector after each use
8.Lightly squeeze the breast pump to suck/stick on the cover lid after wash/dry
Cover Lid
The cover is great for our customers who have more than one pump or are catching their let down while feeding their baby - simply place cap on and put your full pump to the side while you continue feeding to stop contamination. 
These lids are designed to keep your milk safe and free of contamination and can fall off if left to move around in your bag or dropped so please make sure you empty your milk into milk storage bottle if you are needing to carry your milk around or store.
Regarding the cover lid, it's loose cover lid due to silicone breast pump is naturally soft. All other brand like autumnz, haakaa lid also will fall off or loose as well