Set of 2 Manual Breast Pump Milk Collector (100ml)
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Brand Sokano
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1.It's lightweight and portable.Perfect for long distance trips,place,or car rides.
2.No wires or cords to hold you down,or take up more of your time when assembling. This makes it a lot easier to carry around. You can just grab and go!
3.No harmful chemicals
4.Easy to keep

How to use:
1.Ensure that your pump is clean and sterilized
2.Position the pump onto your nipple and squeeze the base of the pump.
3.Once the suction is created,the milk will flow into the bottle.
4.Repeat the above action until the appropriate amount of milk is collected.

Package included ( 2 x Pump + 2 X Cap + 2 X Holder)
Dimension: 15cm X 6 cm X 8.5 cm
Weight for 1 set: 0.2kg